Fire Fighting
Every boat should ideally carry a minimum of one small fire extinguisher located at the exit to each cabin, in addition to a fire blanket if cooking facilities are provided. If the vessel has an enclosed engine space it is recommended that a fixed automatic fire extinguisher is also installed. We may arrange below mentioned periodic services according to Flag ,Manufacturer ,class societies with SOLAS requirements. 
  • Portable and Wheeled Extinguishers (CO2,Powder,Foam,Water,Wet Chemical…)
  • Fixed Fire Fighting System ( CO2,FM200,Argonite,Foam,Powder,Water Mist)
  • Fire Detection and Alarm System ( Heat ,Flame,Smoke Detector)
  • Fire Man Out Fit 
  • Compressed Air - Breathing Apparatus ( CABA)
  • Emergency Escape Breathing Device ( EEBD)
  • Fire Hoses and Nozzle
  • Air Compressor 
  • Immersion Suit
  • Heavy & Light Chemical Suit
  • Medical Oxygen Cylinder