Foam Compound & Water Analysis

FOAM Testing; All foam stocks should be annually checked to be sure that reasonable Fire Fighting performance can be expected in an emergency, and. Marine provides fire fighting foam laboratory services for test low, medium and high expansion foam fire-fighting products.

  • Protein & Fluoroprotein Concentrates
  • Film Forming Fluoroproteins (FFFP)
  • Alcohol Resistant Types
  • Synthetic Detergent Foams (Low, Medium & High Expansion Grades)
  • Pre-mix Solutions any of the above
  • Aqueous Film Forming Foams (AFFF)
  • All Types of Foam
  • 72 Hour Standard Service / 24 Hour Rush Results
  • Expert AdviceIndependent of Any Foam Manufacturer

Water Analysis; The determination of disinfectants, dissolved iron, dissolved aluminium, pH-value and ORP/redox-potential.

  • Photo- and pH-combimeter with state of the art microelectronics and clearly arranged display.
  • Well-devised analytical set in portable case.
  • Choice between routine and expert mode.
  • Determination of pH-value and ORP/redoxpotential by maintenance-free electrodes.
  • Determination of disinfectants with Oxycon reagents following the DPD method.
  • Determination of free and bound chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone, iodine, bromine, cyanuric acid, pH-value and ORP/redoxpotential.

Additional determination of dissolved iron and dissolved aluminium.